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I sold it. How do I get my money?

In the first article “Do you want to make instant payments in BTC? It’s easy.“, we showed how easy it is for a customer to prepare for the possibility of Bitcoin payments. In the second “Basic shopping – basic terminal” we showed how easy it is to start using payments in your store or business. Now we’ll take a look at what a merchant needs to transfer sales to their wallet

It’s not complicated, but we all understand that safety comes first. And at the moment, it’s about money.

First, make sure you have the Signal app installed on your phone. We consider this app currently be the most secure in the field of communication encryption and access authentication. That’s why we use it to authenticate your identity and communicate with your Hydra operator.
This is known professionally as 2FA authentication.

After installing the Signal app, save your signal number to your profile in Management. Please do not forget the international area code. This is important! Once we have Signal configured, we can start collecting sales.

Here is My profile tab
Here you put your signal number

Contact the Hydranode operator (signal number +421948000172) to request a payout. You will receive a report for your Store/Stores via email (you use it to log in the Management and it is also listed in My profile). You check the report and if everything agrees, send the operator an invoice from your wallet via Signal. If the report and invoice amounts match, the appropriate amount will be sent to your wallet within a few minutes.

That’s all. If you like this how-to press the Pay button and send some SATs to autor.