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Do you want to make instant payments in BTC? It’s easy.

Bitcoin payments on the Lightning NetWork are really very simple today. Many merchants already offer their services and goods for Bitcoins. So there is no need to complexly use the classic FIAT currencies.

What do you need?

As with any payment, in any currency, you need a wallet. Since Bitcoins are electronic money and Hydranode supports Lightning network, you need an electronic wallet that supports the Lightning Network. There are actually a large number of usable apps available today for both IOS and Android. From this wide range, we would like to recommend the following:

So you see, there are many options.

Choose one and install it on the device you will have with you when you pay, probably a smart phone. Initial installation for all the wallets tested is simple and straightforward. Of course, it’s good to follow all the known security rules, but just like a traditional wallet, you won’t have all your funds, just your regular petty cash. So there is no need to worry unnecessarily.

Now that everything is ready, the following procedure will describe how to put the appropriate small “cash” in the wallet, corresponding to your normal purchases:

    • You issue a request on your device to replenish “cash” according to your needs. In Lightning Network language, we call this make an Invoice.
    • you pass the information from the Invoice about the amount to the counterparty from where you draw the “cash” (another wallet, friend, customer, vault, exchange). For example, you can generate a QR code and show it to the payer (or send it to them if you are not in their location).
    • The payer reads the required information, for example by scanning the QR code you transmit (or adding it from the file you sent) and confirms the payment.
    • Usually within a second (depending on the Payer’s system), the “cash” appears in your wallet.

You are now ready for shopping and off you go. In the next episode, we’ll take a virtual tour of your favorite store.

P.S. – If you’re impatient and in a hurry, try :-).