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Basic shopping – basic terminal

In a previous post, we showed how easy it is to connect to the options provided by Bitcoin and LightningNetwork. Now we will show how we will pay for purchases in a stone shop or cafe. At the same time, this episode is a demonstration of the minimum equipment needed on the merchant side.

The basic point of all this is that the shop provides the possibility of payment with Bitcoin. You can find this out by looking at the door sticker, for example, or simply by asking.

If the merchant offers this option, he will have a simple “Payment Terminal”, which is absolutely the easiest payment method, available immediately after registering on Management of Hydranode accounts.

Once the merchant has calculated your spending in local currency, he will enter this amount into the Terminal, which will convert it according to the current exchange rate to BTC and display the corresponding payment request, e.g. in the form of a QR code.

You scan the QR code into your wallet and confirm the payment. Within a second, the merchant will see the payment confirmation. That’s all done and you can happily visit the next shop.

It’s simple, It’s clear. Next time, we’ll talk about some more options a merchant can use in their sales process that will definitely make shopping easier for you as a customer.

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