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We present you our trial e-shop where you can try BTC/LN payments using Hydranode. It’s simple and easy. Connect your e-shop solution with the payments of the future which will expand the possibilities of your business and bring in new customers. HYDRANODE is a new simple way to connect your existing solution with the new possibilities of this world. Try it, it’s simple.

We offer integration to many existing solutions. It is our duty to inform you about options that are easy to implement in your e-shop.

1. Well known platforms – WooComerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, Drupal, Magento, …

The plugins for these e-commerce systems are ready, tested, functional and in production. Their installation is a matter of a few minutes. Complete implementation of BTC/LN payments into your business is therefore a matter of hours.

2. Custom plugins for your private solution

If you have developed your own system for e-commerce, it is not problem to connect it to Hydranode. We provide rich API that allows you to process any requests for receiving payments in BTC/LN and detecting their status in seconds. If you have any requirements for extending of payment channels features, we are ready to respond quickly to your requests.