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How to “fix” the value of bitcoin in the short term without registration

If, as a business, you decide to accept bitcoin (BTC), the question comes to mind: “What if the bitcoin exchange rate crashes in a month, and we need these funds for urgent operations in a company?”

In most cases, your business is not affected because only a tiny percentage of customers still pay with bitcoin. So you can consider the percentage of bitcoin income as long-term savings and not worry about short-term volatility.

However, if you receive more of the BTC revenue and know that you will need this income at the end of the month, for example, it is possible to “lock in” the value on the platform.

You can log in anonymously without registering using the Lightning login via the Phoenix wallet (recommended).

You deposit your satoshi here. 

Click on Swap to exchange them for “synthetic” USD. This will not buy any dollars or tether, but you will open a simple short position (no fee). In practice, this means that if bitcoin drops in price, you are left with exactly the same value.

You can reverse this process at any time, change your “synthetic” dollars to satoshi at the current exchange rate, and then withdraw at no charge. 

Admittedly, if the price of bitcoin makes a classic upward move – you lose the ability to capitalize on it. Therefore, we recommend using this feature only for short-term changes in the range of months.

Disclaimer: LNmarkets is custodial exchange and your sats are at counterparty risk. If they disapear, you will lose your money.